In the area of the Postproduction all phases of the evaluation and processing of your production, e. g. , editing, are covered by us.

No matter whether you liked to have trimmed in your instrumental or song admissions, the live appearance at CD level or could simply liked to have merged your single tracks you can confidently in one of our studios order.

Editing, frequency progressive rate, dynamism treatment and the final mix as a preparatory measure for the later mastering are the classical works of the Postproduction. But also arrangement changes or ,if necessary, new recording of admissions we are able to do with pleasure together also in our belong rooms of course to the port folio.

Every project is different. Therefore, we place big value of it in the approach with you till the smallest detail the kind and to discuss the extent of the service and to stick by contract to be able to make to you a tailor-made offer.

Let us with questions call up simply or step by mail in contact. We are glad about you!